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Below is a low resolution article writen by Matt Taylor on how to throw textured pottery. 

See the Clay Times magazine, January 2008. 

I appreciate the nod of using The Steve Tool, and the article offers the concept in general of "texture and stretch" pottery. 
How to throw a pot with The Steve Tool? 

Watch Athena make a pot! 


Wild Texture on Pots!  (and bread!)
"One Tool, Many Results"

~ Yes it works for hand building or sculpting as well as thrown pieces.  One tool can be configured many ways for many different texture results.  Use it on soft food materials like bread, pastry, pie crusts. 

You receive in the same tool kit BOTH the gear style and spoke style texture disks. 

Textured surfaces can add another layer of interest to your shapes and also control runny glazes. 

See detail pictures below and on the gallery page. 

Buy now below, $25 complete, or via one of the stores more local to you listed on our "Buy Now page".

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Further Description:

The Steve Tool is a texture application tool.  It is a re-invention of the wheel designed specifically for clay.  ~ It
doesn’t clog easy so you get lots of raw texture!  Use the tool to apply texture to thrown or hand built work. 


There is finally a youtube video demonstration of using the tool.  admittedly it's low budget, but helps show how to use the tool.

You'll be capable of producing hundreds of surface affects on wheel thrown pottery or hand built claywork! 

 No more stealing toys from the kitchen! 

The same Steve Tool can be configured into many variant designs by rearranging the disks over the shaft in assorted patterns. 

Loosen the nuts, adjust the plastic disks into alternate locations & retighten the nuts.
  It's just a wheel, so let it spin. 

Use it for pastry?  Why not?  We steal from the kitchens, why not start using a pottery tool for pies, pastries, etc?  It's only right...

To use The Steve Tool, throw a cylinder.  Scrape the side clean with a rib.  Roll the texture wheels around the spinning cylinder & move slowly up the cylinder (or fast, your choice).  For slab work (or breads) flatten out the material and roll on texture. 

After texture is applied, form the shape from only the inside of the cylinder.  You’ll see how the texture becomes “part of the pottery” & not simply “applied texture” which is how texture looks when applied to a finished pot. 

You’ll see patterns mimic nature.  The patterns add to the tactile feel of your pottery. 

Stretch the pottery until the walls get very thin & you’ll feel the texture come through to the inside of the pottery. 

You’ll be inspired to try other effects from texture work. 

Try filling in the texture with contrasting clay, then trim smooth at the leather hard stage.  Try texture on thick or thin wall cylinders.

Some of my recent work has used holes pierced through the textured areas near the lip or in the body & I add weaving materials to the pottery for mixed media results. 

The Steve Tool readily pays for itself in the first pot sold!  

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Check out the YouTube video!  Then also check out the Buy Now page to buy from us or one of the many stores around the world who help distribute the tool!

Also, feel free to send us e-mail for a free "Other People's Pottery" poster of excelent examples of fine pottery made using The Steve Tool!



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Some Testimonials:

"I finally put my "Steve Tool" together and used it last week.  I could not believe how beautiful my bowls were!  Everyone in the studio came over to watch me make another and another...each unique...and simply stunning!! "

"This has to be the best money I've ever spent on a pottery tool..Thank you for a wonderful product!"

"I teach a ceramics class for the local college, Sierra College, and my students recommended The Steve Tool to me. It's terrific.  The tool I ordered is for class use.  We have a dedicated core of clay artists in the community." 


"The Steve Tool works great, and thanks for the rib. In the next few weeks I'll do some experimenting and let you know what happens. "

"I have been throwing clay for just over a year and when I saw your tool in Clay Times I knew I had to have it!  My wife will kill me if I take one more kitchen tool down to my studio because I 'just love the pattern this thing makes!".

"It is as if I have found a part of my soul that has been missing...and I never knew it! "



La Herramienta de Steve es una herramienta de aplicación de texturas. Se trata de una re-invención de la rueda diseñada específicamente para la arcilla. ~ No obstruir fácil obtener lo que muchas de las materias primas textura! Utilice la herramienta para aplicar la textura a mano o tirado construida trabajo.

El mismo Steve herramienta se puede configurar en muchos diseños de la variante por la reordenación de los discos sobre el eje en una variedad de patrones.

Afloje las tuercas, ajuste el disco de plástico en lugares alternos y reapretar las tuercas. Es sólo una rueda, así que se giro.

Para utilizar la herramienta de Steve, lanzar una botella. Raspe el lado limpio con una costilla. Rollo de la textura de hilado ruedas en todo el cilindro y mueva lentamente el cilindro.

Después se aplica la textura, la forma de sólo el interior del cilindro. Verás cómo la textura se convierte en "parte de la cerámica" y no simplemente "se aplica la textura", que es cómo la textura se ve cuando se aplica a un acabado olla.




La Steve Tool è uno strumento di applicazione di texture. Si tratta di una re-invenzione della ruota, progettata specificamente per creta. ~ Non ostruire facile per ottenere lotti di materie prime di texture! Utilizzare lo strumento per applicare texture a mano o gettati costruita lavoro.

Lo stesso Steve strumento può essere configurato in molti disegni variante rielaborando i dischi oltre l'asta in modelli assortiti.

Allentare i dadi, regolare la plastica si alternano i dischi in luoghi retighten e le noci. E 'solo una ruota, in modo lasciarlo giocare.

Per utilizzare il Strumento di Steve, gettatela di un cilindro. Raschiare il lato pulito con una costola. Roll tessitura filatura ruote intorno al cilindro e si muovono lentamente il cilindro.

Dopo la tessitura viene applicato, la forma da solo all'interno del cilindro. Vedrai come la trama si fa "parte della ceramica" e non semplicemente "applicata tessitura", che è come quando si guarda texture applicata al piatto finito.




Die Steve-Tool ist eine Textur zu versehen. Es handelt sich um ein Re-Erfindung des Rades, das speziell für Ton. ~ Es ist nicht leicht verstopfen, so dass Sie sich viele Roh-Textur! Verwenden Sie das Werkzeug, um die Textur der Hand geworfen oder gebaut Arbeit.

Das gleiche Steve Tool konfiguriert werden kann in vielen Varianten Designs, durch Umstellung der Festplatten über die Welle in verschiedenen Mustern.

Lösen Sie die Nüsse, um die Kunststoff-Platten in alternative Standorte und ziehen Sie die Nüsse. Es ist nur ein Rad, so lassen Sie es drehen.

So verwenden Sie das Tool Steve, werfen einen Zylinder. Kratzen Sie die Seite sauber mit einem RIB. Roll die Textur Rädern rund um die Spinnerei & Zylinder bewegen sich langsam auf den Zylinder.

Nach Textur verwendet wird, die Form nur aus den im Inneren des Zylinders. Sie werden sehen, wie die Textur wird "Teil der Keramik" und nicht einfach "die Struktur", die, wie Textur sieht, wenn es sich um einen fertigen Topf.




Le Steve Tool est un outil d'application de texture. Il s'agit d'une ré-invention de la roue conçu spécifiquement pour l'argile. ~ Il ne se bouche pas facile si vous avez beaucoup de matières premières texture! Utilisez l'outil d'appliquer la texture à la main ou jetés travail.

Le même Steve outil peut être configuré en plusieurs modèles variant en réorganisant les disques sur l'arbre dans un assortiment de modèles.

Desserrez les écrous, d'ajuster le plastique des disques dans d'autres emplacements et resserrer les écrous. Il s'agit d'une roue, alors qu'il spin.

Pour utiliser l'outil de Steve, de lancer une bouteille. Grattez le côté propre avec une côte. Rouler la texture des roues autour de la rotation du cylindre et se déplacent lentement jusqu'à la bouteille.

Après la texture est appliquée, la forme à partir de l'intérieur de la bouteille. Vous verrez comment la texture devient "une partie de la poterie" et pas simplement «appliquer la texture", qui est la façon dont la texture ressemble alors appliqués à un pot.


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