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"This Web Site is Powered by Renewable Energy"

~ well, not exactly.  My home has been running on solar electric since 2006, but i have no idea what the guys use to keep the web servers alive...   But the business PC does run on solar!   I try where i can. 


This page has images that are NOT made from my texture tool.  simply images of pottery that i enjoy.

American Indian Pots to me are the most special.  I was taken by my first texture pots because the shape and look reminded me so much of American Indian pottery.  I so far do not have the talent or time to match the old timers, so i call my textured pots "low budget indian pots". 

So here are some shapes and images that were the genisis of what i keep trying to do myself. 

My kiln is a 70 cubic foot arch downdraft 800,000 BTU 10 burner monster! 

I designed it using Solidworks Computer Aided Design software and analyzsed it using COSMOS to review the heat eveness of the kiln. 

Running on natural gas it fires in about 12 to 14 hours.  I used an ellispe shape & modified it as required to make sure the upper shelves fit in as well as the lower shelves.   

People who have already bought the Steve Tool likely have found blond hair in the box...  The source is likely to be from Falcor.  He's a pound puppy who came from a shelter 12 years ago.  Often by my side, he sheds like a cheap sweater.  I try to keep everything clean, but he usually seems to get his fur everywhere... 

GENERAL thoughts on pottery & ideas

Some pots that have inspired me and/or reflect styles I like are shown here.  I collected them from the net, and do not know who made a lot of them.  In time I suspect I’ll be made aware of who’s who and I can add their credit.  If you were to visit my workshop, you’d see many of these images and more glued to the ceiling of my workshop.  I used to keep an “ideas book”, but found when I wanted to look at it my hands were pretty dirty with clay.  Now I just look up. 


I enjoy ideas of American Indian pottery, Greek, various Asian, “primitive”, as well as fine crafted porcelain.  Carved pieces, smooth glazes (smooth?!?!?!), as well as mixed media with straw, basket work, string, sticks, glass.  Novel ideas such as the fish tank; and fountains, path markers, fireplace features.  I have no idea why but the classic Easter Island Heads and those Buda heads on their side in Thailand are something I’d love to try to make and place in my own backyard. 


Repeating patterns seem to be a recurring theme with me.  Then the striking result of only one mark on other pots.  I appreciate ideas of big installations such as that Shay Church giant clay whale he made in NCECA 2009.  I keep trying to get my wife to let me do castings of her and place her around the backyard but so far she keeps saying no…  I may need to ask Athena?  We do have a big block wall in the back and one day I’d like to tile it.  Perhaps using casted body parts would be a nice affect?  Or a few hands or feet sticking out here and there could be used to hold a plant or drink… 


We built a fish pond in the backyard and I hope to add some fountain feature to the usual waterfall feature.  For now there are a number of bird baths, bottles, junk pots, etc around the yard.  They certainly seem to keep the birds and lizards busy! 


So look at pictures, get ideas, and go make pots!  (or bread!). 

Thanks to:

Robert Compton Pottery (fish tanks)
2662 North 116 Road

Bristol, Vermont 05443, U.S.A.

Dave and Boni Deal in Camas, Washington
"Blue Herons in Flight" and the guy carrying the hot pot

The Getty Center (Greek pottery)


The Getty Villa (Greek pottery)

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