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The Steve Tool for Bread

The Steve Tool adds texture to bread! 

Results are attractive and make any day a special day! 


Use the tool for creative cooking of artistic dinner rolls!  Making textured bread is family fun like making Christmas cookies or coloring Easter eggs. 


Simply take a wad of bread dough and squash it on the counter. Assemble the tool and roll into bread dough.  Add butter and spices for color.  Roll it up and place onto a pan for cooking. 


The tool is dish washer safe, and MADE IN USA!  It comes with a handle and 5 “gear” disks and 5 “spoke” disks along with the instructions. 

You assemble the tool any way you like. 

Stacking the disks, aligning the disks ~ or not ~ enables the tool to go together and be used in hundreds of different ways. 


Warning:  attractive bread can be addictive! 


Buy now for $25 in USA and Canada.  $30 anywhere else in the world (sorry – postage is higher). 

All prices include shipping and handling. 

We accept visa and master card. 

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Steve Graber
2058 North Mills #217
Claremont, CA 91711

A youtube video link on using the tool for Bread!



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Make attractive bread and artistic food.  Creative cooking using the Steve Tool for Bread!  For any “mommy and me” or daddy and me” time this is a great family fun idea. 


Use your bread maker or buy dough at the store.  Flatten out for dinner rolls.  For larger bread, roll up a giant “textured pizza.”  Drop into a bread pan to for a loaf of bread.  Use the texture layer to add spices, butter, meats, cheese or veggies before rolling it up.  


Try adding fruits or meats or cheese inside textured dough for breakfast meals or healthy snacks!  Mini pizzas or calzones?  Great for party finger food! 


1. Textured dough wrapping cheddar cheese cube.

2. Textured dough wrapping hot dog sliced chunk.

3. Textured dough wrapping apple chunk.

4. Textured dough wrapping cooked bacon bits.

5. Textured dough wrapping jelly or jam.

6. Textured dough wrapping anything and DEEP FRY it! 

7. Textured dough (large) folded over pizza topping for a calzone.

8. Textured dough sprinkled with chili powder. 

9. Textured dough sprinkled with Italian seasoning.

10. Textured dough sprinkled with sugar.

11. Textured dough sprinkled with hot pepper seasoning.

12. Textured dough sprinkled with cinnamon.

13. Textured dough sprinkled with garlic.

14. Textured flat dough draped over or into a bowl form or brick.  ~It becomes a taco salad bowl of sorts!  Or a soup or chili or chowder bowl. 

15. More?  you tell me how you’ve tried it!  Send pictures! 

Shopping Cart BUY NOW link:

A youtube video link on using the tool for Bread!


Contact -
Steve Graber
2058 North Mills #217
Claremont, CA 91711

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